• Career guidance

Work is important. It takes a great deal of your waking time. And a nice job makes you happy. Making a meaningful contribution, having fun at work and feeling connected with something and / or someone, determine the extent to which you experience happiness in work. But what if you are not happy in your work? Life is too precious to do something that makes you unhappy. Time to do something about it!

You do not have to start a B & B in France to become happy. Sometimes you simply feel that something is not right, but what’s causing it? Career questions come in different forms, for example:

  • I want to do something else, but I do not know what.
  • My work drains my energy and I want to investigate what’s causing it.
  • Something new always appeared on my path and I would like to make a conscious choice now.
  • I want to become an independent entrepreneur and I need help with that.
  • I am looking for an outplacement project (work-to-work).
  • I am looking for a labor market scan so that I know what my market value is.
  • I need practical help with resume, motivation and / or job search.
  • I want to learn to ‘sell’ myself and / or network.
  • I want to improve my conversational techniques with video.

You can contact me for these and other career questions. I invite you to discover new paths together and explore possibilities or get to work with your specific request or need. I help you in a way that suits you. Sometimes practical and activating, sometimes confronting or just by listening to you. Just what you need or helps you further. I am always focused on the goal you have in mind and I use my expertise with enthusiasm every day.

Contact me for a free introductory meeting. I am looking forward to meet you!