• Coaching

Coaching is freeing one’s potential qualities so that he/she performs as well as possible. It is not teaching but promoting learning. Not sending, pushing and telling from an ivory tower how it should be done, but encouraging, challenging and creating the fire.

Coaching is a structured and goal-oriented process, where the goal is to become more effective through awareness and personal growth, increasing self-confidence and discovering, developing and applying your own possibilities and / or talents.

Essential for the success of coaching is that you as a coachee take responsibility for your development path. In this way, you feel ownership of your progress.This ownership promotes the feeling that you yourself are in charge of your own life. This will strengthen your self-awareness and self-confidence.

As a coach I help you to look at yourself in an unconditional way. Make contact with who you are at the core, come closer to yourself and work from your own capital. Not in a woolly way, because that’s not my style. In a way that challenges you to broaden your view, to discover new paths and opportunities. Re-inventing yourself as it were.

A coaching program is successful if there is a click between the coachee and the coach. For that reason we start with a free introductory meeting after which you can determine whether the click is indeed there. If so, the coaching process starts.