Career Coaching

Are you reaching your potential? Do you have to drag yourself to work? Are you working your butt off to get to the next vacation? You only have 1 life! Make sure to get the most out of it.

We don't believe in standard career coaching programs and quick fixes. Are you not willing to have a proper look at yourself? Keep on scrolling, then we are not the most suitable fit for you. What we go for is a positive development in your career that you feel all the way down in your toes.

It's about you

Your pain, your desire, your life and your career. So we're mostly going to talk. We listen, challenge you with new perspectives, help you structure your thoughts and make sense of what you're saying. We don't tell you what to do and how to do it. You know that perfectly well yourself. We support in getting clarity on your ideas about your career and help you get the confidence to choose your own path.

"Petra is an excellent listener and very skilled at 'distilling' the great and important lessons and insights from one's career and/or life story. She creates a context of trust, calm, respect and openness, in which she does not prescribe answers, but rather supports the client to identify answers and new possibilities themselves."
Coen van Iwaarden Sustainability Advisor

What are typical Career Coaching questions? 

"I am looking for a new job."
My current job no longer energizes me. I stay put because it's comfortable, but feel it's time for something different. What would be a good choice for me? The same work in a different environment? Completely different work? Being self-employed and chasing my dream? I can't choose. I don't know where to start.

"I want to get more out of my current job."
The company, environment and colleagues I work with are great. I do miss a challenge though. How can I keep growing? What are my talents? In what direction should I develop myself? What steps can I take? I want to reach my potential. I need support in deciding what path to go for and help in how to take the right steps.

"I want to find more joy in my work."
There are one or more factors that interfere with my job satisfaction. I want tools to work on that. I experience high work pressure. How can I better deal with stress? How can I improve my work-life balance? How do I make sure that my work makes me happy again? Work is more than a job. I want my work to better reflect who I am as a person and align with what I find important.

Most coaching questions can be captured in the three main questions above. Not yours? No problem. Let us know and we'll tell you if we can help you or not. You can also take a look at our other types of Coaching. 


What do you get out of career coaching?

That varies quite a bit. Below is a list of the positive effects and results of career coaching.

Self-confidence, assertiveness and energy. Good ideas, better return from your networking efforts and enjoyment in your work. Self-awareness in terms of understanding your values, qualities, pitfalls, etc. Knowledge of the job market and the feeling that you are doing the 'right' thing.

Less ...
Stress, the feeling of running on a constant flat battery and doubt. Rejections on your applications and that annoying feeling that you are just muddling on.

And finally...
An effective strategy towards a new career path or job and a solid self-marketing story. A good CV and LinkedIn profile and all other practical matters that are necessary to shape your future in terms of work.


I have been working with Petra. She has been a great coach; she was able to understand my personality and my values. With her help I have been able to bring out such values, link them to my interest and construct a coherent path. Suddenly, all my past experiences made complete sense and the path towards the future was clear."

- Marco Braibanti, Physicist & Project Manager

Are you a social animal? 

Alone you get our undivided attention, but sometimes you just want to do things together with a group of like-minded people. Do you recognize that? Then check out the program of the Career Design Experience.


"I had a good feeling after the introduction. I knew it would be an intensive but valuable process. The result is that I, not only accepted a job that is exactly in my growth path, but also is more challenging than I would have taken on before."
Patrick van Efferen Drupal developer & Yoga teacher