Leadership DNA

Content-wise, you are rock-solid at what you do. That is why you have progressed to a managerial role. But working with people requires something extra. They are not all motivated. Say 'yes' and do 'no'. Or don't do things the way you want them to. Tricky.... Learn to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in people through your unique leadership. 

Leadership DNA is a 6-day leadership programme in which you discover your unique leadership DNA and learn to apply essential leadership styles and skills in the way that suits you best. This way, you become the leader who stays close to him/herself and whom people like to work with and for. Open, honest and without bullshit. Let's go! 

Discover your unique leadership style. 

Learn how to translate leadership theories to your daily practice. 

Learn to lead teams to energetically work together on results to be proud of.

Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others.

Leadership DNA in a nutshell

✔️ A goal oriented and no nonsense leadership programme of 6 days spread over 9 weeks.

✔️ Six fully catered training days at a fantastic location.  

✔️Work hard, play hard with surprising activities to stimulate, entertain, exert and relax you. All aimed at allowing you to learn in a different way. 

✔️ Every block a Mystery Leader Lunch. An experienced leader shares his/her experiences, tips and answers your questions.    

✔️ Fast results through a combination of learning and direct application in your daily practice.

✔️ You have exclusive and lifelong access to our Heroes Community. A platform for contact with (former) participants, interesting content and the latest news from Potentiality.



As an entry-level manager, you probably have many questions. How do you lead former colleagues? How do you get people 'on board'? How do you deal with resistance? In Leadership DNA, we look for answers. Not by overloading you with theoretical models and tips & tricks, but by translating knowledge into your unique style and experimenting with it.    

Leadership DNA consists of 3 blocks of 2 days. Between each block is a one-month period to experiment with the knowledge and insights gained. You take these concrete learning experiences with you to the next block. Through this combination of learning and experimenting, Leadership DNA quickly has an effect.    

After Leadership DNA, you will know what your unique leadership style is, how to use your leadership skills authentically and you will be able to bring out the best in yourself and your people.

As always at Potentiality, hard work is interspersed with action, fun and games. Throughout the days, we provide sufficient mental and physical stimulation to keep energy levels and creativity at a maximum. If you need individual attention, just ask. Before, during and after training, 1-on-1 time with the coaches is possible for a personal translation. 



Leadership DNA is a goal oriented and no nonsense 9-week programme. It consists of 3 blocks of 2 training days. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases to make the learning experience as practical and valuable as possible. Prior to the programme, you will receive an assignment and an intake to discuss your personal goals. Below are the topics for each day.

Block 1 (2 days) 

Day 1: Personal leadership

  • Strong self-awareness.
  • Personal definition of success.
  • Behavioural and thinking patterns.

Day 2: Your leadership style

  • Learning about leadership.
  • The mindset of a leader.
  • Personal leadership vision. 

Block 2 (2 days) 

Day 3: Skills - part 1

  • Trust.
  • Psychological safety.
  • Attention and connection.
  • Dealing with difficult emotions/situations.
  • Input from participants.

Day 4: Skills - part 2

  • Influence and convincing.
  • Delegation and ownership.
  • Communication (feedback, asking questions, listening).
  • Motivate and inspire.
  • Input from participants. 

Block 3 (2 days) 

Day 5: Teams and culture

  • How to create a fun environment? 
  • High Performing Teams.
  • Team roles.

Day 6: Self leadership

  • Personal growth and development.
  • Growth mindset.
  • Self-care, vitality and energy.
  • We end the programme with a drink to toast on the future! 


For whom

This programme is for you if you are in your 1st or 2nd role as a leader, manager or team leader.

The team 

Want to know who the trainer is for the Leadership DNA programme of your choice? Then take a look at the starting dates overview.


Edition Starting date Location Costs
Edition: Leadership DNA Starting date: 19 September 2024
Show planning
Location: Rotterdam
Costs: € 2495
Edition: Leadership DNA Starting date: 30 October 2024
Show planning
Location: Rotterdam
Costs: € 2495
Edition: Leadership DNA Starting date: 09 December 2024
Show planning
Location: Rotterdam
Costs: € 2495