Career Design Experience

Something's nagging. Work doesn't make you happy and energized anymore. You lack challenge and feel like you're at a standstill. Why aren't you doing anything about it? Because you're stuck. You have no idea what you want or taking a step is scary. Sounds like you? Then CDE is your life changer!

Get insights into what energizes you and makes you happy.

Know where you want to go with your career and how to get there. 

Create one or more detailed growth plans to start immediately.

Develop effective behavior and thought patterns that will propel you forward.

Strengthen your mindset, push your boundaries, and discover new possibilities.

In the Career Design Experience, you work in a small-scale program, step by step, on a career plan that makes you happy. You will search for what you truly want to achieve and what is holding you back. You will learn not only to set goals and make plans but also to take immediate action by experimenting with different possibilities. After your participation, you will have a clear goal with a detailed plan, and nothing will stand in your way to embark on the path to your future career. From dream to plan to reality.


Career Design Experience in a nutshell

✔️ An energetic, creative, and goal-oriented 3-day program.

✔️ A fully catered 2-day training in nature with dinner, evening activities, overnight stay, and breakfast, followed by a day in the bustling center of Rotterdam.

✔️ Surprising activities to challenge, entertain, and relax you. All designed to help you learn in a different way.

✔️ There is ample room for personal attention with 2 trainers for a maximum of 12 participants.

✔️ We love a good time, so we round it off with a drink, and you receive a participation certificate.

✔️ You have exclusive and lifelong access to our Heroes Community, a platform for connecting with (former) participants, interesting content, and the latest news from Potentiality.



Imagine being able to turn your dreams and career goals into concrete plans in just 3 days! That's exactly what the Career Design Experience (CDE) can mean for you. CDE is more than just training; it's an experience that combines learning, experiences, and experimentation.

In the CDE, it's all about your dreams and ambitions. Together, we will find out what you really want to achieve and what's holding you back. You will not only learn to set goals but also how to achieve them. You will learn, experience, and play together with others. The CDE is a true group training where you work together to get the best output with maximum input. Different perspectives can lead to new, surprising ideas and career opportunities that you may not have thought of yourself.

Our approach is challenging and lighthearted at the same time and is filled with surprising and innovative activities. Every insight you gain will be immediately linked to a concrete goal or action for you to experiment with between the training days.

In the Career Design Experience, we don't work toward a rigid goal but follow a structured process to explore different paths for your future career. If you're ready to unleash your career potential and explore the world of possibilities, then this is an experience you can't afford to miss!





The Career Design Experience is an energetic, creative, and goal-oriented training in which design teams work on a career plan that makes you happy. Before the training, you will receive an assignment and have an intake conversation.

Week 1 (2-day training) - Awareness

  • The growth mindset
  • Limiting behavior and thought patterns
  • Values
  • Literal and figurative movement
  • Future self
  • Idea generator
  • Experimental goals


Week 4 (1 day): Choosing and Designing

  • Review of the experimental phase
  • Goals
  • Career Designs
  • Support
  • Closing with a fun drink

As always at Potentiality, hard work is interspersed with action, fun, and play. Throughout the days, we provide plenty of mental and physical stimuli to maximize energy levels and creativity. If you need individual attention, all you have to do is ask. Before, during, and after the training, there is one-on-one time with the coaches for a personalized translation.


For whom

Some people know exactly what they want, but even more people know what they don't want (anymore).

Do you feel a "Yes, that's me!" with any of these statements? And not a small 'yes' but a big fat YES? Then CDE is definitely for you so join in!

The team 

CDE is hosted by two trainers/coaches. Who? Check the start date of your choice to see who will accompany you during the Experience.  


Edition Starting date Location Costs
Edition: CDE Starting date: 10 September 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495
Edition: CDE Starting date: 14 November 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495
"Het waren leuke en intensieve dagen. Ik ga naar huis met ontzettend veel dingen waar ik echt mee aan de slag kan."
Vicente Salinas (CDE deelnemer) Supervisor