Career Design Experience

Something's nagging. Work doesn't make you happy and energized anymore. You lack challenge and feel like you're at a standstill. Why aren't you doing anything about it? Because you're stuck. You have no idea what you want or taking a step is scary. Sounds like you? Then CDE is your life changer!

Get insights into what energizes you and makes you happy.

Know where you want to go with your career and how to get there. 

Create one or more detailed growth plans to start immediately.

Learn how to tame your inner critic.

Gain the (self-)confidence and the necessary skills to shape your own future.

The Career Design Experience is a personal development journey and enables you to get the best out of yourself. You discover what makes you jump out of bed in the morning, make plans and take action to test your ideas. In a small-scale programme you work step-by-step on a career path that makes you happy. After participating, you will have a goal with a clear plan and the guts and skills to go for it. From dream to plan to reality.


Career Design Experience in a nutshell

✔️ A 12-week personal development journey consisting of 5 training days, 2 online group sessions and unlimited individual coaching sessions.

✔️ Five all-inclusive training days at a fantastic location. 

✔️ Fun and innovative activities to surprise and challenge you. All aimed at allowing you to learn in a different way.

✔️ You are part of your own kick-ass design team, because with more people, you see and know more.

✔️ Online sessions with your design team and trainers for support and inspiration.

✔️ Unlimited 1-on-1 (online) coaching sessions with your personal coach throughout the programme.

✔️ There is plenty of room for personal attention with 2 trainers for a group of up to 12 participants.

✔️ You have exclusive and lifelong access to our Heroes Community. A platform for contact with (former) participants, interesting content and the latest news from Potentiality.



The Career Design Experience (CDE) is an active and challenging programme in which you work from dream to plan to reality in 12 weeks. You will explore what makes you tick, what holds you back, in which direction you want to grow and how to get there. You will learn, experience and play together with others. Our approach is challenging, light-hearted and full of surprising and innovative activities to let you experience with all your senses how much fun change can be. All insights are linked to a goal or action that you will experiment with during the training.

In the Career Design Experience we work towards achievable, positive changes in your work and your life through a structured process. Choosing CDE makes your life better immediately because we work with small steps. You train a powerful mindset and learn a method to shape and implement future changes yourself.


CDE is an energetic, creative and impactful 12-week programme. It consists of 5 training days, 2 group calls and unlimited individual coaching sessions. Below are the topics for each block.

Week 1 (2-day training) - Being Aware and Becoming Aware

  • Meet your team.
  • The mindset.
  • Let's take it outside with Harry.
  • Elephants and Einstein in Virtual Reality.
  • Patterns and change.

Week 4 (2-day training): Creation & Planning

  • Out of your head, into your body.
  • Your future self.
  • Idea generator.
  • Goals and plans.
  • Psychology of choice.

Week 5 through 12: Experimenting & Learning

  • Experimental phase. Taking independent steps by talking, experiencing and doing.
  • Possibility of individual coaching sessions.
  • Group sessions in weeks 6 and 9.

Week 12 (1 day): Reflecting & Anchoring

  • Reflection on career design process and plan for the future.
  • Support troops.
  • Method to shape your life. 
  • Closing with a toast.

The editions

We offer the Career Design Experience as a City or Outdoor edition. With the Outdoor edition the training includes 2 overnight stays including breakfast and 2 dinners. 


For whom

Some people know exactly what they want, but even more people know what they don't want (anymore).

Do you feel a "Yes, that's me!" with any of these statements? And not a small 'yes' but a big fat YES? Then CDE is definitely for you so join in!

The team 

CDE is hosted by two trainers/coaches. Who? Check the start date of your choice to see who will accompany you during the Experience.  


Edition Starting date Location Costs
Edition: Career Design Experience - City Edition Starting date: 02 November 2023
Show planning
Location: Rotterdam
Costs: € 2495
Edition: Career Design Experience - City Edition Starting date: 29 January 2024
Show planning
Location: Rotterdam
Costs: € 2495
"Het waren leuke en intensieve dagen. Ik ga naar huis met ontzettend veel dingen waar ik echt mee aan de slag kan."
Vicente Salinas (CDE deelnemer) Supervisor