Personal leadership

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to be guided by the daily grind. But hey, that one life of yours passes by thoughtlessly. You're not going to let that happen, are you? Are you ready to chart your own course and make your dreams and goals a reality? Take control and become the architect of your future with our 3-day training on personal leadership.


Take active control of your personal life and your career.

Build a strong self-awareness; the foundation of personal leadership.

Develop effective behavior and thought patterns that assist you in achieving your goals.

Enhance your mindset, push your boundaries, and discover new possibilities.

Learn the concrete skills to transform your dreams and goals into reality.


In the Personal Leadership training, you work on establishing a clear self-awareness, setting personal goals, developing effective behavior and thought patterns, and cultivating the mindset and skills needed to achieve these goals. This puts you on the right path to a future that you're excited to wake up for. What are you waiting for? Transform dreams and goals into concrete plans and take active control of your personal life and career.

Personal Leadership in a nutshell 

✔️ An intensive and purposeful 3-day dive into the world of personal leadership.

✔️ A fully catered 2-day training in nature with dinner, evening activities, overnight stay, and breakfast, followed by a day in the vibrant center of Rotterdam.

✔️ Surprising activities to challenge, entertain, and help you learn in a different way.

✔️ There's ample room for individual attention with 2 trainers for a group of up to 12 participants.

✔️ We love to celebrate, so we conclude with a drink, and you'll receive a certificate of participation.

✔️ You'll have exclusive and lifelong access to our Heroes Community, a platform for connecting with (former) participants, interesting content, and the latest news from Potentiality.



You excel in your work and manage to juggle all the responsibilities, but you lack the space to contemplate the course of your life. You wonder if you're truly at the helm of your own ship. Where do you actually want to go? What are your goals? What steps do you need to take?

Personal leadership is about self-guidance. To be able to steer yourself, self-awareness is required. This enables you to make the right choices, set clear personal goals, and develop effective behavior and thought patterns to achieve your goals. In this training, we go through these steps not only to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills but also to actually experience and experiment with them. This will empower you to apply them in the future in your own unique way. With your own input, you make the learning experience concrete and valuable.

Personal Leadership is an intensive and purposeful 3-day training in which you not only learn the fundamentals of personal leadership but also apply them immediately. You'll explore what truly inspires you, what holds you back, what your personal goals are, and how to reach them. At Potentiality, we always use the unique formula of learning, experiencing, and experimenting. This makes personal growth and development educational and enjoyable! Our approach is challenging, light-hearted, and filled with surprising and innovative activities. All the insights you gain are immediately linked to concrete goals or actions that you'll test during the training. After all, you can only discover what does and doesn't work for you by experimenting with new ideas and behaviors.  


Personal Leadership is an intensive and purposeful training with the hands-on approach we are known for. It consists of a 2-day training, including an overnight stay, and a separate day after 3 weeks of experimentation. Before the program, you will receive an assignment and an intake to discuss your specific goals.

Day 1 (2-day training) - From "That's just me" to Being Conscious

  • Self-awareness
  • Growth mindset
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Effective behavior and thought patterns

Day 2 (2-day training) - From Goal to Action

  • Personal success
  • From goal to plan
  • Motivation
  • Energy and self-care

Day 3: Personal Leadership License

  • Self-guidance
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • The power of support
  • Closing with a delightful get-together

As always at Potentiality, hard work is balanced with action, fun, and play. Throughout the days, we provide plenty of mental and physical stimuli to maximize energy levels and creativity. If you need individual attention, you just have to ask. Before, during, and after the training, there is one-on-one time with the coaches available for a personal translation of the concepts.

For whom 

For anyone who wants to chart their own course, increase personal effectiveness, and/or bring out the best in themselves.


In every edition, two coaches are ready to assist you from our team of professionals. If you want to learn more about us, please check the About Us page. 


Edition Starting date Location Costs
Edition: Personal Leadership Starting date: 15 May 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495
Edition: Personal Leadership Starting date: 17 June 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495
Edition: Personal Leadership Starting date: 05 September 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495
Edition: Personal Leadership Starting date: 14 October 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495
Edition: Personal Leadership Starting date: 16 December 2024
Show planning
Location: Driebergen / Rotterdam
Costs: € 1495