Leadership Coaching

Leadership begins with self leadership. Facing your shit in order to be meaningful to others in a truly authentic way. You know from your own experience which leaders are meaningful. 'Real' leaders. Open, honest and without bullshit. And that takes guts. Are you up for it?

Before we start: we're not going to tell you how to run your business. Nor are we going to tell you how to change people. And we also not going to teach you how to motivate people.... 

Are you still there?  


So what do you do? 

We work together with you to maximize the leadership potential you have within you. We believe leadership is about what you have to give to others. Trust, support, being a sparring partner, coach, activator and a shoulder to lean on when things don't work out so well. We don't believe that people can be changed or motivated. They can only do that themselves. A good leader stimulates, gives direction, sets limits, supports, enthuses and gives space and (self) confidence. Just like a parent raising a child.  

“On various occasions Petra helped me to gain insight on tensions in the organisation as well as on individual level. She has a very precise intuition for the political context of transformation and knows how to empower people to make the best use of their position, status and influence. She has a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts of (personal) leadership as well as my duties and possibilities as a coach. Next to that, she is a lot of fun and a warm, lovely person to work with."
Miriam Luijken Agile Transformation Coach

What are we going to talk about?  

You're going to have a good look at yourself. The bright side and the darker side. What makes you happy and what drives you crazy. How you sabotage yourself and what makes you excel. Topics such as vulnerability, trust and letting go of control. Allowing yourself to fuck up and give others the same prerogative. Learning together, growing together and being successful together. All this requires that you are open to change, innovation, an honest look in the mirror and a good look at your people. 

What can you expect from us?  

Brutal honesty. You want that, because otherwise you would have clicked away a few paragraphs ago. We listen to you, challenge you with new perspectives, help you structure your thoughts and make sense out of what you say. We don't tell you how to do your job, you know how to do it. After all, you are in this job for a reason. And if you have no idea how to do your job, you will benefit more from a mentor who knows what it is like to sit in your seat. Together we will investigate what's lacking, what is needed or not needed (anymore) and we will help you to get the (self) confidence to make the right choices for you and your people. 

What do you want to talk about?

Topics in leadership coaching include (where it can be about yourself or your team):

  • Personal leadership style
  • Dealing with change and resistance
  • Motivating, influencing and convincing
  • Developing people and delegating
  • Listening, attention and trust
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Creating an environment where people want to work
  • How do you keep it fun for yourself?
  • Maximizing your own potential

Most coaching questions can be captured in the topics above. Not yours? No problem. Let us know and we'll have a talk about how leadership coaching can benefit you.

What does a coaching program look like?

We can be brief about that. We don't know you nor your question yet, so we don't have a clear idea what your program will look like. We have no pre-arranged packages or standard programs.

If you call/mail us with your question we will plan a free session. In that meeting you tell us everything you want to share about the reason for coaching and after that you will receive a proposal. If we can't give you a clear estimate, we work with a coaching subscription of 5 or 10 hours so that the question can develop during the conversations. This subscription has no validity period, so you can knock on our door whenever you need a sparring partner.