About us

There are plenty of coaches around. Many are seriously good, but above all very serious. We are also seriously good, without being overly complicated about it. You don't get serious frowning, strict rules or draining conversations from us. We make growth & development light-hearted, digestable and workable. We laugh and learn, we play and experiment. Not according to one method, but by discovering new possibilities in an open and relaxed manner. This way you see more, expand your world and create space to design a great life.

Potentiality consists of a collection of creative and enthusiastic trainers and coaches. All different and with a shared love for fun, learning, genuine attention and quality. We are free and outspoken. We make our own choices, free from conventions. Doing things differently.

In addition to happy customers, we also want to contribute to a happy planet. We choose to work with small, local and sustainable suppliers as much as possible. From the coffee and lunch we serve to partners for our events. We also support a good cause every year, because sharing makes you happy!


Our partners 

We are the proud Learning Partner of Bloomville and StudyTube. 

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