Hi, I am Jasper van Deurzen

Coach | Trainer

What do you want to be when you've grown up? I think everyone knows that question. Even as a child I got a bit nervous because I was already Jasper? My mother agreed: "Yes boy, that's it, let them talk". Wise as she was.

So as a child I knew the answer, but then life happened. Society. And in it you have a journey to complete. You lose yourself and find yourself again. At least that was the case for me. And that is where my mission arose: Help people to achieve their potential, to become one with yourself again, as it were. To live that childish wisdom that I had then, was temporarily forgotten, and found again. That wisdom that you as a human being are, among other things, the sum of your experiences.  That you are worthy, that you matter and that you are enough.

I would like to join an support you in your journey for a bit. Driven by the love for music and the recognition of its healing effect, my passion for dogs and their behavior and based on NLP.

A couple of questions
What is your life motto?
Live now and don't take yourself too seriously.
A table of 5. Who has a seat?
George Michael, Barack Obama, Herman Philipse, Patrick Stewart and Lara Fabian.
What's your favorite movie and book?
The Cassandra Paradox and A Beautiful Mind
What's your guilty pleasure?
100% Julio Iglesias and the Eurovision Song contest.