Hi, I am Petra Wildoer

Coach | Trainer | Owner

I have always felt drawn to tenacious, outspoken people. People with their own opinion, averse to "how things should be done". Strong personalities. The resulting urge to stay close to myself and to challenge others to do so, is a common thread in my life and work. The basis on which I have made important choices in my life. Being yourself and standing for what you belief in. Personal leadership. That's where it starts for me. First the walk, then the talk.

From an early age I have been fascinated by people. Why people behave in a certain way. What underlies it. In 2005, after some wanderings, I turned my fascination into my work and in 2012 I founded Potentiality. I am an intuitive and practical coach (yes, that goes together). Over the years I have discovered more and more what I am good at and for whom I am the right coach. These are people who are actively looking for growth and development. Whether that is on a personal or professional level does not matter. As long as there is a willingness to take responsibility for growth and development. The willingness to go for it. I do that myself and I expect the same from the person who walks into my office (or joins me in a call). I don't like to be patronized so I don't do that to anyone. I am straightforward and work from a genuine desire to be of value for my clients. Fortunately, I cannot do everything equally well and that is why (and for fun😉) I have close contact with a select group of colleagues. Because of them I get a little better every day.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with the people around me, the people I love. I love to eat out, dance, spend time with family and friends, cook at home, travel, read a lot of books and get on my racing bike or take a walk in nature.

Enough about me. I look forward to meeting you!

A few questions
What is your life motto?
Work hard, play hard
A table of 5. Who has a seat?
My son when he's 20 years old (now 10), Victor Frankl, Boyan Slat, Margret Thatcher and David Attenborough.
What is your favorite book and movie?
Movie: Intouchables. Book (right now): Untamed.
What's your guilty pleasure?
Dancing, dancing, dancing and Twitter during soccer.