21-09-2020 12:00

Work Happiness Week: E-book Happiness

This week is the week of happiness at work. And so I decided to make myself really happy for a moment. Giving makes me happy. For example, attention. And stuff too. Half of my home inventory is on Marktplaats. But this time I choose knowledge. Knowledge about happiness. Not specific happiness at work, but "just" happiness.

Happiness is kind of a holy grail. Everyone is looking for it but no one knows if it really exists. Everyone has an opinion about it. For me happiness is something that consists of moments. It can be partly influenced and partly not.

This Happiness E-book is a gift to you. Sebastiaan and I share 7 happiness activities supplemented with practical tips to help you increase the number of happy moments in your life. Some tips will be eye-openers, others are more straightforward. Maybe you already are well on the way with some of these activities and even take, doing so, for granted. Great! Maybe you can try out some of the other ones. Just see what works for you. Don't give up too quickly because the tips we give you are about behavior. And you don't just change behavior. So go ahead and improve your day-to-day happiness! 

Click on the link below.

E-book Happiness