28-05-2021 12:00

5 questions for... Pam

Pamelie, snow fanatic, cheerful and simply a delightful human being. Potentiality trainer and coach Pam de Wit introduces herself to you.

As the daughter of a photographer, I have learned to look at things in a certain way and see beauty and humor that another may not immediately see. That way of seeing is universal/broadly applicable. I like to help people look at their possibilities with an open mind; where are you now and where do you want to go? Together on a journey to the core, but with a dose of humor, because life is serious enough already. That's why I start every day with something positive. That's my life philosophy.

Question 1: What is your life motto?

"Always start the day with something positive!" Life is complicated enough so humor is super important to me. To have a laugh every day and not make life more complicated than it probably already is.

Question 2: A table of 5. Who gets a seat?

Stephan Vanfleteren because he really makes the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! Intriguing man. Same goes for Arnon Grunberg. His background fascinates me. I think his sense of humor is really genius. In fact, I once literally fell off the bench on the train laughing, because of his first book, Blue Mondays. The whole train was looking at me like "What is that girl doing?". He is super funny but at the same time also on the edge of being painful and raw. Idris Elba. He reinvents himself every time. From actor to DJ which he has recently started to do. And of course he also made the most beautiful movie ever, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". This is a movie I always show people when it comes to my work. I think it's the best question ever and he shows it in that video. Griet Op de Beeck. I just love that woman. And then my girlfriend Yvette who I've known since I was 16. The first moment I saw her we said "I like you!" and "I really like you too!" at exactly the same moment. I still think she is the greatest! If I can have these people at the table I'm sure there will be super cool conversations and I would love to share that with her.

Question 3: What is a book or movie that you would recommend?

Everything comes together in my favorite books and movies. Amelie. The wonderful world of Amelie. I recognize myself in it. My father always affectionately called me Pamelie. I start to glow when I think about that. Goodwill Hunting! Have you smelled life? Tasted it? You can read so many books, but you just have to live life to the fullest. And Little Miss Sunshine. Who doesn't love that movie! Really...

Question 4: What's the most beautiful place you've ever visited?

I would love to get one of those campervans and travel the world. Let's start in Europe and then go to the mountains. Because if anything makes my heart jump, it's the mountains. Whether it is with snow or not. I don't care. The mountains!

Question 5: What is your guilty pleasure?

When I'm in one of those campervans, it can get even better with one of those pink suger coated cookies. The most disgusting cookies ever, but there is something about them that makes me happy like a little kid. It is one big sugar bomb, but it makes me very happy.