07-05-2021 12:00

5 questions for....Sebastiaan

Father, partner, eternal optimist and outdoorsman. Self-proclaimed nerd too. Although the latter is not so bad. Potentiality trainer and coach Sebastiaan Koole introduces himself.

Who didn't grow up with an NES, SNES and N64? I love games. As a child I used to play plenty of card games with my grandparents. Farmers' pot, jockeys, clubs. Games stand for quality time together and sociability. That is what I like about them.

Question 1: What is your life motto?

"Go for it, have fun & enjoy!". "Rule no. 6" is a very good second option. Maybe I need that one too to carry out the first one. Doing stuff, having fun and enjoying life gives me energy. If I put too much weight on it and take it too seriously, it has a paralyzing effect. Not taking myself too seriously (rule no. 6) makes it more lighthearted.

Questions 2: A table of 5. Who gets a seat?

Definitely my dad. He passed away in 2013. Now that I'm a father myself, I'm much more curious about how he experienced fatherhood. I also look at things differently. I'm older and have learned a lot in the past few years. I think the relationship would be very different now.

The rest is more subject to changes or difficult to choose. I would like to include Marcus Lemonis. I liked The Profit program. He invests in small(er) companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy. With his credo "People, process, product" he helps them get back on track. I also recently discovered stoic philosophy. Seneca, writer and stoic philosopher may also join us. Back to our time. When I listen to a podcast, it's usually Ben Tiggelaar's. Expert in leadership, change and behavior. There are many interesting conversations to be had about that topic. A little fun at the table is also welcome. Richard Branson seems like someone who knows how to have fun.

Question 3: What is a book or movie you would recommend?

A movie that has always stuck with me is Instinct with Anthony Hopkins. I would have to watch it again to explain exactly why. It starts with Hopkins studying gorillas and gaining their trust. Later, a psychiatrist wins Hopkins' trust. There's a pattern there. In one review I read that Hopkins' character "can no longer live in this society of takers." There is a relationship there with the Go-Giver, a fun little book to read. In it, a "taker" learns about the power of giving and being open to others' interests. Perhaps I should change my motto to: "he who does good, meets good". Haha.

Question 4: What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

Yes, this one I know! The name of the Chinese park is just impossible to spell. Phonetically it's something like: djoezouwghoo. The most beautiful place (so far) underwater are the dive sites around Koh Tao. May I add "favorite ski area"? I'm sure tips on that will come back. Serfaus (- Fiss - Ladis).

Question 5: What's your guilty pleasure?

Easy. Watching chick flicks. Switch of the brain and just watch. Lovely after a busy day or week.