07-04-2021 12:00

5 questions for....Jasper

Eurovision fan, dog whisperer, patron of animals and great music lover. Potentiality trainer and coach Jasper van Deurzen introduces himself to you.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I think everyone knows that question. Even as a child it gave me the jitters, because I was already Jasper, wasn't I? My mother agreed: "Yes boy, that's how it is, let them talk". A wise woman as she was.

Question 1: What is your life motto?

Well, this is one of those questions where I could write a book as an answer. Rest assured though...I'll keep it brief. A life motto is subject to change. The more you experience in life, the more differently you look at it. For now, in my midlife, I want to say that the motto is; above all, live in the now. Yesterday is the lesson and tomorrow is still nothing more but a plan or a dream. You make the difference now. However, 2 lother ife mottos I have always had and always will have: 1) Music is the doctor and 2) Rule no. 6

Question 2: A table of 5. Who gets a seat?

Haha, what a fun question. I know this. We have to be able to make music, that's very clear to me. So 1) George Michael. Also, I want to talk about politics. Especially with 2) Barack Obama. And of course we should discuss philosophy with 3) Herman Philipse. I hesitate between 4) Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart. Then you know what we are talking about. The fifth seat is for 5) Lara Fabian. This because music needs an angel too. All together we have the most wonderful conversations about philosophy, politics, music, love and science fiction. And lots, lots of fun.

Question 3: What book or movie would you recommend?

Here too, I am tempted to make a very long list, but that is not allowed. And so I choose: The Cassandra Paradox by Willem Asman. About the invisible forces in the world and the good that can be done with them. A delightful pageturner. In terms of movies, it's almost impossible to make a choice. My top 5 changes regularly. But firmly in the top 3 is A Beautiful Mind. About the human mind and the possibilities or problems it could give. I am happy to provide you with more film tips on request.

Question 4: What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

Paris. That's also where the aforementioned Table of 5 is located, somewhere in Montmartre. It's in fierce competition with the beautiful island of Tenerife though. I'm mainly a Europe-goer.

Question 5: What is your Guilty Pleasure?

In terms of music, it's 100% Julio Iglesias. I grew up with that because my parents used to always play this as background music in their restaurant. And of course the Eurovision song contest is a very good second. And of course it's no coincidence that Julio has also performed there.